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Why use Jollyswim

We believe everyone should be equipped with the right survival & life skill to proclaim they are water safe & confident. What drives us is passion to constantly innovate our coaching methodology to teach in a safe , fun and engaging manner. All our instructors meet regularly to exchange best practices & bounce new ideas no matter how experienced we come to be, complacency has no standing at our school.

Friends by Nature, Teachers by dedication , Coaches by passion.

Where are private & group classes conducted?

Both Private & Group Classes are conducted at your residence- private condos, apartments & residences.

Coaches will liaise with your residence's property management to conduct lessons. 

What equipment is required for the swim class?

Both Goggles and Kickboard are mandatory. We advise to right size when purchasing googles for your child as well as additional layers of swim or thermal wear if your child is adverse to the cold. The younger your child the more susceptible he/she will be to the cold!

How are fees collected?

Fees for the month are collected during the 1st lesson. No advanced payment is required.

How long does it take for my child to learn to swim?

Water Safety will always be our 1st priority. We are great advocates of safety above all else and the 1st instance we meet your child it will be emphasised. Only walking is allowed near the pool! We believe safety followed by water confidence are the fundamentals before we even begin foundational strokes. Floating, feel of the water, safe exits & entry into the pool must be observed. Motor skills and muscle development improve as your child grows up , do be patient with your future little schoolings!

How do I join a group swim class if I'm shy and prefer some company?

Don't be shy to gather and chat up some neighbours for yourself or for your child , you'll be surprised how many are keen to form a group class with you. Many classes are formed this way at the places we coach!

How many students are in a class?

We take a maximum number of 6 students for group classes, we believe this is the idea class ratio where our coaches can keep all students in view. Swim Arrangement and Games Setup have all been pre-planned to ensure maximum fun and learning! 

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