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Delighted that Ameera is able to swim 30m on her own with front crawl and Yousef is able to swim across the pool all by himself. There is a great improvement in their swimming

Parent of Yousef & Ameera

Coach Fish has been teaching  my daughter for 7 months. My daughter is very shy, so she needs time to get used to new people.
But amazingly, my daughter has been used to Coach Fish from the first lesson. She looks  very happy.

Coach fish is very calm , friendly and kind. She speaks gently, and she never forces my daughter to swim .

When my daughter started to take her lessons, she was a little bit scared water, but now she can dive into water, can swim without  float for a short time.
The most important thing is my daughter loves to swim!!

I really appreciate Coach Fish's effort.

Mihoko, Mummy of Meiko

My child was able to submerge her head entirely during the class. We began from the mouth, proceeded with the nose and finally the head , I like how the coach warms her up prior, the patience and experience really made the difference

Freddie Tan , Daddy of Elise, 2yrs+ old

I engaged Jollyswim for classes with my husband as we wanted to utilise our condo pool. Initially we were both not able to swim.within 3 months, with our coach's programme and patience we managed to swim on our own. I feel that his approach is simple enough for beginners to understand and we enjoyed it.

Jing Jing and Fiancee

Sheridan picked up swimming in less than 3 months learning 3 strokes. Glad there I no longer have to worry about her safety at the pool anymore.

Parent of Sheridan, 9 years old

Kendall and Keira enjoy the classes as they are filled with water discovery games  and jumping exercises. There are many toys and aids used in the class to make it fun.

Parent of Kendall and Keira

5 and 2 yrs + old

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